Problems we solve


SSO for your users

Our identity server can help enable SSO to seamlessly integrate all your applications.


Authentication and Authorization Servers

We provide an very robust and efficient Authentication and Authorization servers that can be used to integrate plethora of applications on various devices using industry standard protocols like OAuth, SAML, WIF, XML, SOAP etc.,


Identity Manager

Our identity manager server provides an easy way to add/remove and manage users. It provides mass user import and provisioning and user synchronization across multiple applications.


What we do

Single Sign On

Sign In seamlessly into multiple applications using our Identity Server. Applications can be configured to use SSO very quickly.


Application Integration

Our identity and authorization servers can help integrate your legacy systems with the modern systems.


Active Directory and LDAP integration

We offer a very robust and efficient active directory single sign-on integration solution


Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure you applications by providing multi-factor authenitcation. Prevent unauthorized access to both on-premise and cloud applications by providing an additional level of authentication.


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Authentication + Authorization Servers : All Devices

Our Authentication and Authorization Servers could be used to integrate various applications on multitude of devices using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect
  • Enable SSO across multiple applications and devices
  • Automated User Management
  • Active Directory and LDAP Integration
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Authentication, Authorization Servers deployed on Cloud
  • On Premise, Public and Private Cloud Options
  • Identity Management Server for managing users


Deploy Everywhere

The RezTech mobile development team can write applications
targeting any platform/OS of your choice.

Public Cloud

Eliminate the costs of server maintenance and
complex infrastructure by choosing to deploy
your apps to the public cloud.


Private Cloud

Ensure maximum security and control
by choosing to manage your app servers
on premise or within your own private cloud.

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