Reztech has tremendous experience in developing dashboards and reports for web, mobile and tablets

Web and Mobile

Cloud Solutions


Stunning Dashboards

  • We create stunning real-time dasboards
  • Configurable Widgets
  • New dashboards on-the-fly without code change
  • Created using AngularJS for speed and agility


DLVR Tolerance


Configure Tolerances

  • Set tolerance level for individual widgets.
  • Multiple versions of the same widget.
  • Drag-n-Drop Widgets
  • Sharing Dashboards via email



Manage complexity

  • Show complex data using various widgets
  • Geographical data plotted on Maps
  • Multiple configurable sections for widgets
  • Target any platform or devices of your choice.




  • Better gauge your user base by collecting usage and demographic data
  • Gain insight to detailed app performance trends to improve user experience
  • Capture detailed platform and system data to make device coverage decisions
  • Leverage a powerful dashboard and web-based reports with alerts

Affordable and Cost-Effective

  • Target any device and browser
  • Any data source, Anytime
  • Supports 14 different database engines
  • Relational and No-SQL databases

Report Server

  • Effectively organize and share RDL reports through web interface
  • Easily restrict report access to specific users or groups
  • Schedule reports to be generated and emailed

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