Develop awesome apps on Cloud.

Reztech has tremendous experience in developing applications for cloud technologies like Azure, AWS, Heroku etc.,.

  • Build to Scale

    Leverage the power of cloud to build fast, robust and scalable applications. Cloud platforms like Azure or AWS consists of powerful features that significantly increase the speed at which applications are developed.
  • Frameworks of your choice

    Use the latest technologies and frameworks to build and deploy apps to cloud platforms like Windows Azure, Amazon AWS or Heroku.

  • Fast Prototyping

    Faster prototyping, cross-platform development, automated testing and in-depth analytics enables you to focus more on innovation and less on infrastructure and software maintenance.

  • Scale With Your Business Needs

    Avoid the time, money, and human resources required for hardware and software set-up using RezTech Cloud services. Easily scale up or scale down based on your usage.

  • Embrace Agile Development

    Cloud development means rapid development cycles and faster time to market. Stay ahead of the competition with an agile development strategy.

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    RezTech Cloud services eliminate the need to invest in stand-alone servers or software that is capital intensive. Pay only for the application and data storage you need.

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Web and Mobile

Cloud Solutions


Backend Services

  • Use rich, custom logic to intelligently manage your backend data.
  • Mobilize your existing data with our standard (web) and custom connectors
  • Optimize user management, authentication and push notifications
  • Fast and scalable data services that works across all apps





  • Respond to business needs faster with simplified IT.
  • Scale rapidly and help business capitalize on market opportunities faster with cloud services.
  • Enable business agility, scalability and security.
  • Save money and be agile.



Manage complexity of fragmentation, change and operations

  • Have a single point of accountability to create, transform, and manage your hybrid environment.
  • Freedom from vendor liaison, and commercial and legal complexities.
  • Manage technology and organizational change for more effective cloud adoption.
  • Target any platform or devices of your choice.




  • Better gauge your user base by collecting usage and demographic data
  • Gain insight to detailed app performance trends to improve user experience
  • Capture detailed platform and system data to make device coverage decisions
  • Leverage a powerful dashboard and web-based reports with alerts

Transition to a 'service-oriented' IT organization

  • Simplified 'pay as you use' cost structure for your IT.
  • Transition from 'asset-focused' to 'service-oriented' IT management.
  • Transparent governance and management of IT costs with a single enterprise view.
  • Easy to use and simple API's


  • Securely deploy public, private and web apps to your enterprise app store
  • Easily manage enterprise users and devices using our cloud admin console
  • Manage app policies dynamically across various roles within the enterprise

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