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Developing software isn't just about writing code. It's about developing applications that solve the business needs in the most optimal way and yet done on time and on budget. 

At Reztech, we have all the right resources to help you build business applications that meet your unique needs. We use Agile Development methodology to build software iteratively that can adapt to the evolving nature of modern software applications. With over a decade of experience, our team is well versed with modern approaches to building robust, bug-free software using design patterns and latest frameworks.

We can help you build applications that scale by leveraging cloud technologies like Microsoft's Azure or Amazon AWS. Whether it's .NET, Java, HTML5, CSS3 or any of the latest JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS or ReactJS. We will help you build the software using the most appropriate technologies. 

We understand that one-size doesn't fit all. Let us help you choose the right technologies and build an awesome product. Contact us through the form below! 

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Modern UI

We build modern responsive applications using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, KnockoutJS etc.,


Web API's

We build robust, loosely coupled & scalable API's using NodeJS, ASP.NET Web API and Redis Cache.



Wel help architect scalable and robust database desig using Relational and No-SQL databases like SQL Server, MongoDB, RavenDB, Cassandra etc., 



Cloud Computing

We specialize in building robust, scalable applications using modern cloud platforms like Azure, Amazon AWS, Heroku, Rackspace etc.,


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Mobile + Desktop: All Approaches

Choose the best approach for your app project- web, hybrid or native - and for any screen
  • We use industry’s largest and most complete UI library for Mobile and Desktop.
  • We develop Cross-platform solutions for all major OS (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry)
  • Standards-based tools for any technology (.Net, PHP, Java)
  • Easily integrated with other UI frameworks and tools


Deploy Everywhere

The RezTech mobile development team can write applications
targeting any platform/OS of your choice.

Public Cloud

Eliminate the costs of server maintenance and
complex infrastructure by choosing to deploy
your apps to the public cloud.


Private Cloud

Ensure maximum security and control
by choosing to manage your app servers
on premise or within your own private cloud.

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